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Ayesha Hilton

Ayesha is an Amazon Bestselling author, mother of two, spiritual adventurer and avid learner. She shares her contagious enthusiasm, caring nature and love of learning and teaching through her transformational coaching and training to women around the world.

With eclectic talents and interests, Ayesha has narrowed her top three passions to books, business and personal growth. She’s found that being in business forces you to grow exponentially as a woman and a leader (and yes there are sometimes growing pains).

Ayesha is passionate about helping women grow in their personal and business lives.

She is the founder of the Practical Wisdom Academy, a community for women who want to live life with passion, purpose, and prosperity.

Her love of books and personal growth motivated Ayesha to lovingly create the Practical Wisdom Book Club. The Book Club explores the practical application of wisdom found in great personal development books in community with other women.

After going through a painful marriage breakup and an amicable divorce, Ayesha has studied women, men and relationships extensively. She has since fallen in love with her king and is practicing her feminine superpowers to create an evolved and passionate relationship.

Ayesha practices gratitude and appreciation daily and is very thankful to be able to work from her lovely home near Melbourne, Australia, while caring for her children, and taking lunchtime walks with her man.

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